Braun ThermoScan probe covers, 200/bx

Welch Allyn's, Braun PC 200 ThermoScan(tm) probe covers, 200/bx 05075005

*Fits all Braun ThermoScan products.
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Why must a new, clean lens filter be used for each measurement?
The risk of transferring germs from one user to another is virtually eliminated through the use of disposable lens filters. Moreover the ear thermometer is designed to take accurate temperatures with a probe cover in place.

Temperatures taken without a lens filter attached will not be accurate and can damage the lens, which is the most delicate part of the thermometer.

If the thermometer is ever accidentally used without a lens filter, you should carefully remove dirt and earwax with a soft cloth moistened with alcohol. Then put on a new, clean lens filter and repeat the measurement to get an accurate reading.

Can consumers sterilize the lens filters and reuse them?
No. For accuracy reasons Braun ThermoScan probe covers are intended for single use only.

How accurate are counterfeit lens filters when used on Braun ThermoScan?
The use of non-original lens filters can lead to inaccurate measurement results. The accuracy requirement for the system (ThermoScan thermometer + original Braun lens filter) is defined by a ± 0,2 ºC maximum measurement deviation.

Transmissivity tests with one type of non-original filter have shown maximum deviations between -1,77 ºC to +0,86 ºC. For example, a person using this particular, non-original filter could obtain a reading of 36,7 ºC or 39,4 ºC, when in fact their temperature is 38,5 ºC. These significant differences may lead the user to incorrect conclusions.
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